Human Instincts Teaser

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                             Human Instincts Teaser                        
                                Nikola Stojkovic                           
                                        Nikola Stojkovic                   
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          EXT. STREET - DAY                                                
          Chicago, typical week day. People bustle back and forth,         
          littering the sidewalk and street with their bodies.             
          CALLUM pushes open the door to the street, exiting a             
          non-descript sandy building. He wears a backpack and dark        
          hoodie, his trademark. He steps out onto the sidewalk,           
          sticking closest to the side opposite the street. He             
          silently watches the pedestrians as he walks.                    
          CALLUM POV: A man slowed by the crowds in front of him steps     
          off the sidewalk, jumping quickly into the street to pass        
          two people slowing him down.                                     
                              CALLUM (VO)                                  
                    Dress shoes stiff sole blisters                        
                    slow reaction time. Bad.                               
          Callum continues to walk. He stops at an intersection. The       
          DON’T WALK sign flashes.                                         
          CALLUM POV: People run across the street, trying to beat the     
          light. The sign stops blinking, catching some pedestrians in     
          the middle of the crossing. They pick up the pace. Cars          
          begin to speed across the intersection. They whiz past the       
                              CALLUM (VO)                                  
                    Zero to sixty in ten eleven steps                      
                    one lane middle intersection raised                    
                    accident risk. Bad.                                    
          Callum waits. The cars slow to a trickle, then to almost         
          none. The walk sign still blares a solid orange, but Callum      
          steps into the intersection. A man does the same on the          
          other side.                                                      
          CALLUM POV: The man passes Callum. We follow him as he           
          switches places with Callum.                                     
                              CALLUM (VO)                                  
                    Cars two hundred plus feet off                         
                    fifteen miles over limit twenty                        
                    second reaction window safe odds.                      
          He crosses to the other side and moves past some shops.          
          Lunch is in full swing.                                          
          CALLUM POV: He looks into a window. People sit, eating           
          burgers and fries.                                               
          CONTINUED:                                              2.       
                              CALLUM (VO)                                  
                    Burger fries 800 calories combo                        
                    drink plus 250 arterial hardening                      
                    from age possibly 40 years                             
                    unwholesome breakfast try cereal.                      
          EXT. TRAIN PLATFORM - LATER                                      
          Callum stands on the platform, well away from the tracks and     
          other people.                                                    
          A train pulls up, he gets on.                                    
          INT. CALLUM’S APARTMENT - SAME                                   
          Keys jangle, a lock clicks. The door opens and Callum stands     
          in the hall. He removes his shoes carefully and steps over       
          the landing.                                                     
          A pristine little box. Cramped, but everything in its place.     
          Clean and clear walkways, everything spick and span.             
          Callum double locks his door and places his shoes in the         
          corner. He lays the laces inside the holes and drops his         
          backpack next to his shoes.                                      
          He reaches for a cleaner looking pair of high top sneakers       
          sitting on the opposite side of the hall, and puts them on.      
                              CALLUM (VO)                                  
                    Mud tracking bacterium spread                          
                    minuscule millions per cubic                           
                    centimeter keep clean pair cheaper                     
                    than lysol. Good.                                      
          INT. CALLUM’S APARTMENT - BATHROOM - SAME                        
          The water runs in the sink. All the while, Callum soaps his      
          hands profusely, finger by finger. He then checks his watch.     
                              CALLUM (VO)                                  
                    Happy birthday song ABCs together                      
                    double time double clean A is for                      
                    ant arctic antarctic stopwatch                         
                    time. Good. Again.                                     
          He proceeds to rinse, and rinse, and rinse.                      
          INT. CALLUM’S APARTMENT - KITCHEN - LATER                        
          Callum takes a pair of rubber gloves neatly folded over the      
          oven door. He puts them on and fastens a rubber band around      
          each sleeve.                                                     
          He pours oil into a pan and cracks an egg. It sizzles and        
          the oil begins to spit onto his gloves.                          
                              CALLUM (VO)                                  
                    Damaged skin cancer causeing sun                       
                    use sunblock harmful rays grease                       
                    drops like little suns use gloves.                     
          INT. CALLUM’S APARTMENT - DINING ROOM - LATER                    
          Callum sits at a small table, a steaming plate of sunnyside      
          eggs in front of him. He sits for a time, staring at it. He      
          holds his hand out over the plate. The steam rises up to         
          meet his palm. He suddenly sticks his finger into the egg        
          and waits.                                                       
                              CALLUM (VO)                                  
                    Slight burn acceptable norms                           
                    prickles like cactus inner                             
                    temperature taste hospitable germs                     
                    inhospitable. Good.                                    
          He pulls it out and begins to eat.                               
          INT. CALLUM’S APARTMENT - KITCHEN - LATER                        
          Callum washes the pan and plate. He scrubs profusely back        
          and forth.                                                       
          INT. CALLUM’S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - LATER                    
          Callum sits on the couch. The news plays on the TV               
          inaudibly. It flashes grisly images at him. He watches           
          Time passes.                                                     
          Callum picks a letter up off his coffe table. It is thick,       
          packed to bursting with papers. He closes it and writes TO       
          THE POLICE on the front. He positions it carefully,              
          symmetrically on the table and then turns the TV off.            
          INT. CALLUM’S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - NIGHT                        
          Moonlit darkness.                                                
          Callum sits on the edge of his bed in the same clothes he’s      
          worn all day. He stares straight ahead. A clock sits in the      
          corner. It reads 8:59. It clicks quietly to 9:00. He lays        
          down and pulls the covers up.                                    
                         CALLUM (VO)                                       
                    Nine for nine hours sleep good                         
                    alertness no dark bags eyes look                       
                    serious they know I’m not joking                       
                    the meaning isn’t lost the message                     
                    is received the experiment-                            
          He takes a deep breath. The stream of words stills.              
                    Good. Tomorrow is a big day.                           
          CUT TO BLACK.