Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

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With a round table of committed performances and suitably irreverent, yet sensitive tone, Gus Van Sant’s film succeeds in uplifting without regressing to inspirational cliché.


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Despite some rough narrative seas, Us weathers the storm thanks to a ballast of strong performances, compelling cinematography, and excellent music.

Eighth Grade

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Grounded in authenticity to a fault, Eighth Grade captures the torturous isolation and anxiety of early teen life on the social fringes, but is held back by a slack narrative and dull pace.

Alita: Battle Angel

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A feast for the eyes if not necessarily the brain, Alita: Battle Angel brings enough wide-eyed, visual splendor to offset its narrative clunk.


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Loosing another indie arrow into the target of his career, co-writer/actor Mark Duplass scores another notch on the filmic scorecard.

The Favourite

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Boasting dramatic performances rivaling that of the most powdered royal courtiers and with trademark off-kilter humor, The Favourite cements “Lanthimos Style” in the filmmakers’ lexicon.

Among Wolves

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More interested in its subjects than taking political or ethnic sides, Among Wolves captures life after war with raw, affecting honesty.

Personal Shopper

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A grief story within a ghost story, Personal Shopper simmers slowly, letting its narrative and emotional beats unfurl with measured confidence, anchored in a pinnacle performance from Kristen Stewart.