Among Wolves

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More interested in its subjects than taking political or ethnic sides, Among Wolves captures life after war with raw, affecting honesty.

Personal Shopper

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A grief story within a ghost story, Personal Shopper simmers slowly, letting its narrative and emotional beats unfurl with measured confidence, anchored in a pinnacle performance from Kristen Stewart.

Bad Times at the El Royale

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Like a matryoshka doll revealing increasingly twisted craftsmanship in every nesting, Bad Times at the El Royale serves up a dark humored, sometimes disturbed narrative that consistently surprises.

Velvet Buzzsaw

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Convincingly emulating modern art for better and worse, Velvet Buzzsaw leaves us with the vague notion that there’s either something substantive we missed, or, like two blobs of paint on a canvas, sometimes the surface is all there is.

Fyre / Fyre Fraud

Hits: 73

Despite being released on competing platforms, Netflix’s Fyre and Hulu’s Fyre Fraud are better viewed as a complete set.


Hits: 69

Consistently wringing gripping emotion out of everyday existence, Roma is as perfect as slice-of-life filmmaking can get.

Green Book

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Treating us to some old-school filmmaking, Green Book deftly avoids any potential bumpiness inherent in its subject matter, delivering a warm, if simplistic, friendship dramedy.

Beautiful Boy

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Like a recovering addict’s fever dream, Beautiful Boy hits all the broad strokes (in no coherent order) while the details stay hazy.

Hold the Dark

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Attempting to walk a tightrope between mysterious ambiguity and visual storytelling, Hold the Dark stumbles fatally into the abyss.

Bird Box

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Riding the breeze of A Quiet Place’s success, Bird Box flaps along blindly, ultimately crashing to its conclusion like a pigeon into a windowpane.